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RPAs help shape the ACH Network by voting on ACH Rules changes and initiatives, participating on Rules work groups as…


Expertise You Can Trust. Regional Payments Associations (RPAs) are comprised of a nationwide network of 11 non-profit associations…


RPAs are uniquely positioned to provide education, support, information and resources. Over 11,000 financial institutions, corporations, payments technology…


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Payments professionals rely on the Regional Payments Associations to provide reliable payments knowledge on the governing rules, regulations and U.S. law related to the ACH, Check, Card, Image, Wire and emerging payments systems. As non-profit organizations that are mission focused, our purpose is to advance payments systems quality by improving compliance with payments rules and regulations through education, information and tools developed by our subject matter experts and nationally accredited staff members.





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RPAs Operating Cooperatively

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rely on their RPA for ACH, Card, Check, Wire and emerging payments education, support, advocacy, risk mitigation and error resolution

Recommendations or Testimonials of What Your Peers Are Saying

  • Testimonial #1 – Laurance

    Each RPA has its own unique and powerful knowledge base, members programs and resources, the RPA Co-Op allows for the blending and sharing of the best practices across all geographic regions, Institution types and business needs. This website is a value-add from your RPA membership.

    Laurance A. Selnick , CTP, SVP, Director, Treasury & Payment Solutions Sales, Webster Bank
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